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Mint Turbines Awards Local Students with 2024 Rob Ruck Scholarship

Mint Turbines awarded the 2024 Rob Ruck Scholarship to three outstanding students, each receiving $2,500. Named in honor of M International’s President and COO Robert Ruck, this scholarship celebrates the academic and extracurricular achievements of these exceptional students.

This scholarship, requiring a 3.25 GPA or higher and open to those pursuing higher education in any field, was presented at the Stroud Awards Ceremony by Rob Ruck on May 13, 2024.

The recipients included Makenna Hall of Stroud, Peyton Gaylord of Davenport and Andrew Clovis of Stroud. These students were selected due to their accomplishments, leadership and community engagement.

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Employee Spotlight: Donnie Abbott

Meet Donnie Abbott, a seasoned CNC programmer, machinist and mechanical designer at Mint Turbines. Donnie’s passion for mechanical design and CNC machining spans more than 25 years, with a recent focus on automation initiatives to streamline operations. He prioritizes safety and continuous learning to stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

What is your name, where are you from and what is your position at Mint Turbines?
I am Donnie Abbott from Bristow, Oklahoma, and my position is a CNC programmer, machinist and mechanical designer.

How long have you been at Mint Turbines?
I have been at Mint Turbines for two and a half years.

What initially drew you to mechanical design and CNC machining, and how did you develop your passion for it over the years?
I started out as a machinist in VOTECH and have been in the industry for 25 years. I got into CNC programming about seven years ago because I wanted to advance myself further. Mechanical design came with getting into programming because the classes run hand-in-hand.

With your extensive experience in mechanical design and CNC machining, can you share some of the most memorable projects you’ve worked on at Mint Turbines LLC?
I led the initiative to automate the whole machine shop, saving us time and money. It took me about a year to accomplish. I am always looking for ways to improve our processes.

How has your Solidworks certification and proficiency in CAD software enhanced your ability to create and modify 3D models and drawings of turbine components and assemblies?
These certifications and educational qualifications have empowered me to significantly enhance our shop. With proficiency in CAD software, I can maximize the efficiency of our machines, ensuring optimal performance. I highly advise anyone in this field to pursue these certifications. As automation becomes increasingly prevalent, staying on top of industry trends and advancements is crucial for success.

How do you keep up?
Our industry is advancing every day. Technology has moved leaps and bounds forward in the years I have even been around. AI will take off faster than we can imagine, so we must be ready for it. I keep up by checking LinkedIn and YouTube, ensuring I stay educated and up to date.

In your position, how do you ensure that safety is paramount?
Safety is one of the highest priorities. We wear safety glasses, PPE and whatever the job calls for. We do it as safely as possible. I ensure all safety locks and doors are where they need to be, sometimes triple-checking them.

What is your favorite thing about working for Mint Turbines?
I would have to say my favorite thing about working for Mint Turbines is the people. We work with some high-quality people that are a great group. The company has cared for me very well since I have been here, and I am grateful.

Outside of work, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?
My wife and three kids keep me pretty busy, with softball and all sorts of activities. I also like to hunt and fish, anything that is outdoors really.

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Beyond the Runway: Mint Turbines’ 2024 Events and Customer Engagement

Participating in aviation events is integral to Mint’s strategic approach to nurturing customer relationships and expanding networking opportunities within the dynamic landscape of the aviation industry. These events serve as crucial touchpoints for fostering meaningful connections and showcasing our latest innovations. They are also valuable tools for gathering feedback from diverse perspectives within the aviation community. These interactions reinforce existing relationships and pave the way for new collaborations and insights, driving continuous improvement and innovation within our operations.

Mint Turbines maintained an active presence in major aviation events from January to March, emphasizing innovation, collaboration and consumer-centric solutions. From the Northeast Agricultural Aviation Association (NAAA) to the Aero Oklahoma gathering, Mint Turbines showcased its commitment to the industry, fostering interactions and driving change.
This past week, our team attended the MRO Americas Conference & Exhibition, which served as a pivotal platform for Mint Turbines to connect with key players in the maintenance sector. This demonstrated our unwavering commitment to ensuring aviation fleet reliability.

As we continue to chart our course in the aviation industry, we invite you to stay updated on our event schedule through our social media channels, email newsletters and website’s dedicated “events” tab. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to forge new connections and collectively shape the future of aviation.

Beyond the Runway: Mint Turbines’ 2024 Events and Customer Engagement2024-04-16T16:19:25+00:00

Mint Turbines’ Commitment to the Community

We’re thrilled to share that Mint Turbines recently contributed to the Food Pantry Fundraiser hosted by Stroud High School. With a commitment to community well-being, 100% of Mint Turbines proceeds were donated to support the local food bank in Stroud, Oklahoma.

At Mint Turbines, we firmly believe in the importance of giving back to the communities we serve. Supporting initiatives like the Food Pantry Fundraiser aligns with our values and reinforces our dedication to making a positive impact where it’s needed most. By contributing to causes like this, we aim to help alleviate food insecurity and support those in need within our community.

Mint Turbines is committed to continuing to support local initiatives and make a difference in the lives of our neighbors. Together, we can build a stronger, more resilient community.

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Ace Aeronautics and Mint Turbines Sign Partnership Agreement to support the Legacy UH-60 Black Hawks

HAI – 2024 – Anaheim, California

Ace Aeronautics and Mint Turbines have signed a partnership agreement aimed at building worldwide support for the Legacy Black Hawk Fleet that has been acquired through the US Army Black Hawk Exchange and Sales Transaction Program (BEST). The partnership will focus on the team’s ability to perform repair and refurbishment to the airframe and powerplant, as well as mission upgrades.

Under the agreement, Ace will assist Mint in performing field services at Ace Aeronautics’ facility in Guntersville, Alabama, and other off-site locations, on a variety of engines which support both the restricted category and public use markets including the T700-GE-700, -701, -701A, -701C and -701D aircraft gas turbine engine models.

Mint under license with GE will focus on restricted category/ public Use T700 engines installed on Sikorsky-manufactured EH-60, HH-60, UH-60, or S-70 helicopters that have a valid Restricted Category Certificate or Public Use Exemption issued by a Civil Aviation Authority. Mint in partnership with Ace will perform T700 inspections, borescopes, and minor repairs while at the Ace hangar complex, and can perform major engine repairs and upgrades (700 to 701D) at Mint’s MRO facility in Stroud, Oklahoma, which is completing a $5M upgrade to include a new state of the art test cell complex.

Ace Aeronautics, an FAA Part 145 Repair Station operating in Guntersville, AL provides innovative and long-term airframe and avionics solutions to commercial and government aviation users worldwide. In support of the Sikorsky manufactured UH-60, and S-70 helicopters, Ace is holder of RTC #R00005RC and STC #SR01944WI which is the Ace Deck Garmin 5000 cockpit upgrade.

Mint Turbines operates in Stroud, Okla., located halfway between Oklahoma City and Tulsa. With nearly 40 years of turbine engine overhaul experience, Mint has successfully repaired, overhauled, and tested thousands of Pratt & Whitney PT6T series power sections, combining gearboxes, PT6A Turboprop engines, and T53 series engines. Mint is in the process of completing full overhaul capabilities on T700 restricted category or public use engines.

Click here to view original Press Release in PDF format

Ace Aeronautics and Mint Turbines Sign Partnership Agreement to support the Legacy UH-60 Black Hawks2024-02-27T07:33:26+00:00
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