Mint Turbines, LLC. is an FAA and EASA Approved Part 145 Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul facility, a Honeywell Aerospace Authorized T53 Service Center, and an independent Pratt & Whitney PT6A and PT6T Maintenance Center.

With a Quality Assurance Program that far exceeds industry standards, superior technical personnel, state of the art equipment and an outstanding long-term operational history, Mint Turbines, LLC. is committed to the highest levels in quality of workmanship, service and reliability. We have been accredited with ISO 9001-2015 and AS9110C Certification.

Our technicians are factory trained on both engines and air frames to ensure that our finished product meets or exceeds your installation requirements.

With the very highest level of expertise at your disposal, we have built a reputation for personalized customer support.

Our professional support includes field repairs, telephone assistance during trouble shooting, and installation and removal assistance.

Products we support

T53 Series Engines

Commercial Engine Models Commercial Applications
T53-13B Bell 204, Bell 205
T53-17A Bell 205
T53-17A-1 Kaman K1200 (K-MAX)
T53-17B Bell 205
T53-17BCV Bell 210, Eagle Single
Military Engine Models Military Applications
T53-L-13B UH-1H Huey,
AH-1H Cobra
T53-L-703 UH-1H Huey, Huey II,
AH-1H Cobra

Pratt & Whitney
PT6A Series Engines

Engine Models Commercial Applications
PT6A-11AG Air Tractor:
AT-402A / B
PT6A-15AG Air Tractor:
AT-402A / B
PT6A-21 King Air C90A / B / SE
PT6A-34 Quest: Kodiak

Viking:DHC-6 Twin Otter 400

PT6A-34AG Air Tractor:
AT-502BThrush: 510P
PT6A-41 King Air 200, B200
PT6A-42 King Air 200, B200
PT6A-52 King Air B200XX
King Air 250
PT6A-60A King Air 300
King Air 350
PT6A-60AG Air Tractor:
AT-602Thrush: 550P, 660
PT6A-64 Daher-Socata:
TBM 700
PT6A-65AG Air Tractor:
AT-802 / A / AF / FThrush: 660, 710P
PT6A-65B King Air 1900
PT6A-67AG Air Tractor:
AT-802 / A / AF / FThrush: 710P
PT6A-67B Pilatus:
PC-12, PC-12NG
PT6A-114 Cessna:
208, 208B Caravan 1
PT6A-114A Cessna:
208, 208B Caravan 1
PT6A-135A King Air F90-1,
C90GT / GTi / GTx

Pratt & Whitney
PT6T Series Engines

Engine Models
Commercial Applications
PT6T-3 Bell: 212

Sikorsky: S-58T

PT6T-3B Bell:
412 / SP / HP / EP
PT6T-3BE Bell:
412 / SP / HP / EP
PT6T-3BF Bell:
412 / SP / HP / EP
PT6T-3BG Bell:
412 / SP / HP / EP
PT6T-3D Bell:
412 / SP / HP / EP,
CH-146 Griffon
 PT6T-3DF Bell:
412 / SP / HP / EP
PT6T-6 Agusta Bell:
212, 412Sikorsky: S-58T
 Military Engine Models Military
T400-CP-400 Bell:
UH-1N, AH-1J,
 T400-CP-401 Bell:
T400-WV-402 Bell:
AH-1T, AH-1J

Engine Services

  • Engine Overhaul / Repair

  • Hot Section Inspection

  • Accessory Overhaul / Repair

  • Component Overhaul / Repair

  • Upgrade Modification

  • OEM Correlated Test Cells

  • Worldwide 24/7 Field Service

  • Exchanges

  • Reduce Engines to Spares

  • Part Sales

  • Fuel Nozzles

  • Service Bulletin Compliance

  • On-site Support

  • Complete Test Capabilities

  • AOG Support

  • Rental Pool

  • Power Section Repair

  • Bleed Valve Overhaul

For more information, please contact our team at  or call (918) 968-9561.

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Mint Turbines LLC
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Phone: +1 (918) 968-9561
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