Mint Turbines field service technicians assist a customer in the Congo during a UN peacekeeping mission.

Mint Turbines is committed to the highest levels of quality workmanship, service and reliability. Since 1981, our reputation has been built on superior customer service and support. Our field service and customer support are crucial aspects of our dedication to customers and quality work.

At Mint Turbines, our field service technicians and customer service team are the face of our company, providing stellar support to our customers. Specifically, our field service technicians work to meet the maintenance and repair needs of customers’ equipment with analysis and diagnosis, troubleshooting and installation processes, and the overall maintenance support to ensure equipment is working properly to ensure successful missions for our customers. This service covers our primary product offerings across PT6, T53 and T700 engines.

Our field service technicians are the face of the company as they interact with our customers. We not only provide mechanical and technical services, but we also provide sales and expertise.

By providing high-quality services, we have expanded our customer base beyond the U.S. to places such as China, El Salvador and Kazakhstan. Our field service technicians have been all over the world with our customers from Colombia, Haiti, Arizona, Germany, Puerto Rico, Texas and Austria to Chile, Lebanon, California, Florida and more. We serve various clients from military, firefighting and law enforcement to agriculture, aerospace and corporate.

Field service technicians are usually out in the field more than 60% of the time, but you can catch them on the shop floor occasionally. Our field service technicians are ready to go within a 24-hour timeframe as customers need.

“Field service just happens – it depends on the demand. The difference of Mint Turbines is that our phone is never off, and the relationships we build with our customers to provide solutions. If one of our engines has an issue, we take it personally,” Mint Turbines Field Service Technician Charlie Bacon said.

Customers can call us anytime for help with anything, such as troubleshooting. Sometimes, we can fix the issue on the phone. Other times, we may have to pack our tools and go to the customer anywhere in the world, which we are glad to do.

“Typically, when customers call and need our service, they are AOG (aircraft on ground) which means they are losing revenue. This makes our prompt response to their needs crucial to getting back to work,” Mint Turbines Field Service Technician Gilbert Palacios said.

We also offer training to our clients to keep them updated on the latest technology, new repairs and upgrades as we strive to constantly develop and improve our product. We work to arm our customers with training so they can troubleshoot simple fixes on their own if desired.

“Field service is not just a job – it’s a lifestyle. You are on call 24/7. To me, this is my life, and I enjoy doing it,” Charlie stated.

Currently, Charlie is also helping stand up our T700 program, authorized by GE for the U.S. restricted category of Blackhawk Engines. “I’m having a blast doing it,” he shared.