PT6 Technician and Field Service Technician 

Robert Haile has been with Mint Turbines for nearly 19 years. He started in the paint shop and currently serves as a PT6 Technician and Field Service Technician with more than 23 years of experience. Robert was instrumental in securing a five-year 70-engine deal with Southwest Aviation Specialties in Tulsa, Oklahoma – Mint Turbines’ largest commercial project.

In Robert’s role, he travels worldwide to meet the needs of customers, which is his favorite part of his job. Learn more about Robert with our Q&A!

What is your title at Mint Turbines, and how long have you worked here?

I am a PT6 Technician and a Field Service Technician. The first time I worked at Mint Turbines, I was here for 13.5 years. A buddy I rode four-wheelers with worked here and got me started in the paint shop back in the day.

I live in Stroud and drove past Mint Turbines time and time again growing up. I only knew they did something with aircraft. Once I started working here, I realized there was a broad horizon right in my backyard. I left for six years before returning to work at Mint Turbines as a Field Service Technician and have been back for about five years now.

What does your day look like at Mint Turbines?

To start my day, we figure out what needs to be assembled or disassembled. From there, I may be building an engine, tearing an engine down or helping install an engine in the test cell. In my job, there are a thousand different things I could be doing, even possibly packing up my tools to leave to go to California, the Congo, Guatemala or elsewhere to meet with our customers. I’m typically not in the shop; I am likely traveling to meet customer needs in the field.

This year, I helped secure a five-year 70-engine deal with Southwest Aviation Specialties in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The company previously worked with a shop where they were limited in what they could do for them. We were able to help with things like PMA or DER parts and price breaks in addition to the customer service we can provide from the Jenks Airport, just 40 minutes away. Through the work and customer service we’ve provided to the company, I’ve built a good relationship with the owner which helped solidify the new deal.

What has been your most memorable project or experience at Mint Turbines?

This year, Gilbert Palacios and I traveled more than 36 hours to Africa to support an engine change during a UN peacekeeping mission. We replaced a twin-pac engine in an aircraft used for patrol and medical missions. While there, Gilbert and I pulled together money to support children at a local orphanage.

Watch a timelapse video of our engine change in the UN via our Facebook Page here.

What is your favorite thing about working at Mint Turbines?

Right now, I think my favorite part is being able to travel and go places that I’ve never been. I really enjoy the face-to-face interaction with the customers and meeting their needs. Eventually, I’d like to move into the Sales Department because I enjoy helping people get their plane or helicopter going and seeing them happy because they’re back making money again.

What are you doing when you’re not at work?

Most of the time, I’m working on or riding dirt bikes. My son and I go riding quite often and work and tinker with them – that’s all we do.