Mint Turbines Announces a New Multimillion-Dollar Test Cell Complex

Mint Turbines is in growth mode and, as a result, we have some very exciting news! We are in the process of establishing a multimillion-dollar test cell complex. The complex will house four test cells: an APU test cell, our second T700 test cell, a T55 test cell and, finally, an open cell for anticipated future growth. The new test cell complex came to fruition after Mint Turbines placed and won bids on three test cells out of Fort Rucker. This victory allows us to continue growing our offerings which benefits our customers and employees in equal measure.

As briefly noted in our end of year recap, we witnessed the footing being poured and readied for the pad to be poured in early January.  We expect the new building to be finished by the end of February. By the end of March or early April, the APU test cell should be fully operational.  The second T700 cell will come online later after the containerized T700 test cell is fully operational.  The third test cell will fulfill a need for an additional T55 Shop for new customers for Mint; we expect this test cell to be operational sometime in 2024.

Mint Turbines remains committed to the highest levels of quality workmanship, service and reliability. Since 1981, our reputation has been built on superior customer service and support. Our field service and customer support are crucial aspects of our dedication to customers and quality work. This new test cell complex further illustrates our commitment to meeting the needs of our customers now and in the future.

Other benefits of this exciting new addition include the creation of new jobs down the line. Providing employment opportunities for members of our communities further enhances the quality of life for everyone. We look forward to utilizing this exciting new test cell complex to benefit customers and employees as we continue to promote progress within our company.