Mint Turbines traveled more than 36 hours to Africa to support an engine change during a UN peacekeeping mission.

Mint Turbines ventured to a remote area in Africa to help a UN peacekeeping mission by replacing a twin pac engine. Robert H. and Gilbert P. led the expedition, taking them 36 hours to get to the aircraft used for patrol and medical missions. Throughout their trip, they offered nothing but support and kindness to our customer and the African community.

The 36-hour trip there included plane rides, multiple car rides and even a boat ride to get to this remote location. Robert and Gilbert spent 12 days aiding UN soldiers in replacing the twin pac engine. There are also many entities in the area that include the Chinese, Russian and other government agencies.

While in the area, the Mint Turbines employees noticed several children in need and wanted to do something about it. Together, they pulled money together for a local orphanage where they donated supplies.

Children celebrate receiving donations from our Mint Turbines employees.

Robert and Gilbert exemplified our company’s dedication to not only customer service, but to the community around you. We are proud to have extraordinary clients, employees and friends.

Watch a timelapse video of our engine change in the UN via our Facebook Page here.