For over 40 years, Mint Turbines has been an industry-leading, FAA/EASA-certified Part 145 Repair Station offering full-service gas turbine engine Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) services that support operators worldwide. We have a team of seasoned veterans in the industry, each possessing on average 20 years of individual experience. At Mint Turbines we take great pride in our customer service, Turnaround time (TAT), and unsurpassed quality assurance.

The aftermarket engine R&O industry is currently plagued with supply chain issues, labor shortages, and higher material/labor costs that drive both increased Engine overhaul costs and shop times. In a time where the industry average engine overhaul, TAT is 85 days Mint Turbines is proudly maintaining an industry-leading overhaul TAT average of 63 days and consistent overhaul event costs.

We attribute this high level of performance due to our updated facility/streamlined assembly line, operating efficiency, knowledgeable staff, agile part sourcing, and sublime subcontract vendor management—all this while providing top-notch quality engine overhauls that are synonymous with a Mint Turbines tag.

Our overhaul TAT is not only setting the standard, but this applies to our engine repairs and hot sections as well.

Many engine overhaul shops add weeks to TAT to embody higher cost new materials—on the contrary, Mint Turbines has internally developed FAA-approved DER repairs and maintains strong partnerships with aftermarket parts suppliers and component repair companies that allow us to utilize OHC materials, exchange components or repaired customer parts to keep the engine overhaul cost down for our customers.

In addition, lower engine overhaul TAT keeps aircraft downtime to a minimum, reducing customer need for rental engines. In turn, this eliminates tens of thousands of dollars of associated costs such as rental engine hourly and daily charges, engine removal and replacement, shipping and insurance.

Mint Turbines produces the best customer experience possible, with the highest level of quality, at the best price.  Find out more at, email us at  or call us at (918) 968-9561.  We look forward to hearing from you!