Interview with Shop Lead Jason McNeese at Southwest Fuel Systems.

Can you provide a quick overview of Southwest Fuel’s accessory and component overhaul and repair expertise?
With over 45 years of combined experience, the Southwest Fuel Systems’ shop has expertise in accessory and component overhaul and repair. Southwest Fuel Systems is a Triumph certified on the Ozark T53 engine Fuel controls, governors and RR250 engine HMUs.

What are specific problems or incidents where accessory or component overhaul and repair would be needed?
During the troubleshooting process for the engine, if we identify a potential issue with the fuel control governor, we test and make sure everything is working correctly. Additionally, we perform midlife inspections for the drive shaft components within the fuel control system, which are mandatory according to FAA regulations. These inspections are crucial as they ensure the proper functioning of the pump responsible for fuel intake and such.

What types of customers or projects do you serve?
We of course work with our sister shop, Mint Turbines. Then we have multiple customers that are from all over the world. We also perform work on U.S. Air Force contracts.

Could you explain the significance of housing Southwest Fuel Systems within Mint Turbines’ facilities?
Having Southwest Fuel Systems housed within the Mint Turbines’ facilities saves our clients time and money. Not having to ship parts back and forth makes it easier for us to ensure fast and reliable work.

Explain how the partnership between Mint Turbines and Southwest Fuel Systems works.
Well, Mint Turbines will send us a PO. From there, we open a work order and look at the scope of work. Mint Turbines provides us with information like timing, the issues at hand, etc.

How are quality and adherence to industry standers upheld during the overhaul and repair process?
We perform mandatory audits regularly. We also always have someone checking our work and signing off to make sure that everything is done up to standard.

Could you share any notable success stories or achievements that highlight expertise in accessory and component overhaul and repair?
Just in the last year, we’ve doubled our sales and have continued to grow. We have been able to hire many more people for our team. I think our biggest success is knowing our clients trust us, which leads to growth.

What does Southwest Fuel Systems do when it comes to Accessory and Component Overhaul and Repair that sets it apart from the few others in the country?
Our experience and commitment to quality are qualities that are hard to find elsewhere. Also, having Mint Turbines and Southwest Fuel Systems in the same shop again leads to less time and money.