Delivering Mint Condition Engines Since 1981. 


Mint Turbines LLC Is a Honeywell Authorized T-53 Service Center and a Pratt & Whitney PT6A and PT6T Service Center. With over 30 years of experience, Mint Turbines LLC in Stroud, Oklahoma, takes great pride in offering top of the line service in a highly regulated industry. Safety is paramount in our company.

The owners of Mint Turbines LLC are M International of McLean, VA, a privately owned export management and aviation parts supplier, and Sigma Federal of McLean, Va., a private equity firm. The principal owners of M International include; Richard McConn, Founder & CEO of M International since 1979; Gary R. Nelson, PhD, Chairman of Sigma Federal; Gen. John G. Coburn, President of VT Systems; Mehdi Protzuk, Vice President and CFO of M International; John T. Schell III, President of Sigma Federal; Robert L. Ruck, CEO of WDC Exploration and Wells; and, Michael M. Wynne, Former Secretary of the Air Force,DOD Acquisition Chief, a West Point graduate and Sr. Vice President of General Dynamics. Mint Turbines LLC is led by its President, Richard McConn. 


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24/7 Worldwide Service and Support

For PT6 engine support requirements, contact Gregg DeVore at (469) 352-6622

For T53 engine support requirements, contact Charlie Bacon at (918) 864-3701